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Halal Jacob Ladder

Product is certified Halal by Your Halal Guarantee-YHG

£13.00 per Kg (Whole - weight 1,8kg to 2 kg)

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Discover the rustic charm and exceptional taste of our Halal Jacob’s Ladder, a premium cut that combines rich flavours with a tender texture. Sourced from grass-fed, organically raised cattle, this cut adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical practices.

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23 June - 24 June
  • Grass Fed

  • Fresh

  • 100% Organic


The Jacob’s Ladder, also known as beef short ribs, is a delicacy revered by chefs and home cooks for its marbling and deep, satisfying taste. Our Halal certification ensures that each piece is processed according to strict Halal guidelines without stunning, aligning with both traditional dietary laws and modern ethical standards. Each piece is vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness and ensure that the meat remains as succulent and flavourful as the day it was packed. This packaging also makes it convenient for storage and ensures that the quality of the meat is preserved until it’s ready to be savoured. Ideal for slow cooking, braising, or barbecuing, our Halal Jacob’s Ladder promises to be the star of any meal, releasing a burst of flavours that are enhanced by its natural juices. Its versatility makes it perfect for a range of dishes, from hearty winter stews to summer barbecue feasts. Indulge in the authentic taste of our Halal Jacob’s Ladder. Add it to your basket now and bring a touch of gourmet excellence to your next meal with this exquisite cut from our premium range.

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Halal Jacob Ladder
£13.00 per Kg (Whole - weight 1,8kg to 2 kg) Add to basket