limited time deals on quality halal meat

enjoy limited time deals on quality halal meat

Until June 10th

We take pride in sourcing our meat directly from our own farms in Ireland

From the Gate to the Plate

We take pride in sourcing our meat directly from our own farms in Ireland

Halal Meat Shop: Superior Quality, Ethical Standards

Looking for the finest halal beef meats in the UK? You’ve come to the right place ! At our Halal Meat Shop, we take pride in offering you a taste of tradition, delivered right to your doorstep. Navigate through the delectable world of halal meats, where we offer a diverse selection to cater to all your culinary preferences.

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Sourced from our farms in Ireland

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Book Your Master Butcher Live Show for a Full Understanding of the Farm-to-Plate Process

(Minimum Order £500)

Book your private session with our master butcher for full understanding  of the meat journey from  the gate to the plate.

(For a minimum of £500  worth shopping. Session could take up to 60min).

Welcome to our halal meat shop

My Meat Shop, your premier destination for high-quality halal meat in the UK! We strive to make your shopping experience easy, convenient, and tailored to your preferences. Ordering from our halal meat shop is a breeze. Simply browse our online store, where you’ll find a diverse selection of premium cuts and products. Our user-friendly website allows you to navigate through various categories, making it easy to find the perfect cuts for your culinary needs. When it comes to choosing your cuts, we offer a range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for succulent steaks, tender lamb chops, or ground beef for your favorite recipes, you can select the precise cuts and quantities you desire. Our detailed product descriptions and images provide a clear overview, ensuring you make informed choices. We understand the importance of freshness when it comes to meat, and we guarantee the highest quality in every order. Our commitment to freshness is evident in our sourcing practices and rigorous quality control measures. Rest assured that when you order from My Meat Shop, you’re receiving halal meat that meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. 

What makes us a favorite choice for your halal meat ?

We take pride in sourcing our meat directly from our own farms in Ireland, where we ensure the highest standards of care, from the breeding process to the halal slaughter. Our commitment to quality begins with the well-being of our animals. In Ireland, we engage in responsible and ethical farming practices, prioritizing the health and welfare of our cattle. Our dedicated team oversees the entire process, from the early stages of breeding to the moment of halal slaughter. This vertical integration allows us to maintain control over every aspect of the production cycle, ensuring the utmost care and attention at every step. The halal slaughter process is conducted in accordance with Islamic principles, adhering to strict halal standards. We prioritize the humane treatment of our animals throughout their lives, recognizing the importance of ethical practices in the production of halal meat. By sourcing our meat directly from our own cattle in Ireland, we guarantee not only the authenticity of halal practices but also the traceability and quality of each cut. This hands-on approach sets us apart, as it allows us to maintain a direct connection with the source of our products, fostering transparency and trust with our customers. 

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