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Halal 0% Fat Beef Mince


This Low Fat Steak Mince is an exceptionally versatile and healthy product. You can easily substitute your regular minced beef in recipes with this superior option. Not only does it cook exceptionally well, but it also contains minimal fat compared to the standard steak or beef mince found on supermarket shelves. Our dedicated team of expert butchers meticulously remove as much fat as possible while maintaining the product’s quality. This is lean Steak Mince at its finest. Give it a try today, experience the difference, and savor the quality!

£11.50 1 Kg

Halal 20 % fat beef mince


Are you craving succulent, mouthwatering meatballs and burgers? Look no further than My Meat Shop’s 20% Fat Beef Mince. We take pride in delivering a product that’s not only flavorful but also trusted, ensuring you get the best for your culinary creations.

£9.50 1 Kg

Halal Argentinian Style Ribs


Sold in packs of 5 slices – £3.50 per pack

This exquisite selection features 5 slices of ribs, each weighing between 70 to 100g, all for an exceptional price of £3.5. These ribs are a testament to the rich culinary tradition of Argentina, known for its outstanding barbecue and meat dishes.

£0.70 1 slice of 70g to 100g

Halal Beef Chops (Côtelettes)


Available in convenient 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg packs, our fresh beef chop assortment is a treasure trove of variety. Each pack features a delightful medley of beef chop cuts, including the exquisite ribeye, the succulent sirloin, and the melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin. Each cut brings its own unique flavor and texture, allowing you to customize your culinary creations for any occasion.

£8.00 300g to 400g

Halal Beef fat


Discover the exceptional quality of our 100% authentic Halal beef fat, a staple for culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers alike. Sourced exclusively from our sustainable farms in Ireland, our beef fat enhances any dish with its rich flavour and smooth texture. Perfect for cooking, baking, and frying, it brings a traditional touch to your meals while ensuring compliance with Halal dietary laws.

£6.50 1 Kg

Halal Beef Fillet Mini Steaks


Experience the exquisite taste of our Halal Beef Fillet Mini Steaks. These tender and juicy mini steaks are crafted from the finest halal-certified beef, ensuring a delicious and ethical choice for your meals. Perfectly portioned for convenience, they are ideal for a variety of dishes, offering versatility and premium quality in every bite.

£18.00 1Kg

Halal Beef Fillet Steak


From Our Own Farms In Ireland Directly to Your Table : Experience the succulent taste of our Premium Grass-Fed Halal Beef Fillet Steak 🥩 !Our animals roam freely

Our animals are un-stunned
Vacuum sealing packaging
£30.00 1KG



Unlock the essence of premium nourishment with our Halal Beef Bone Marrow. Sourced from grass-fed, ethically raised cattle, this product promises not only purity but a powerhouse of nutrients. Rich in collagen, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, bone marrow can boost your immunity, improve joint health, and provide sustained energy. Whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary creations or aim for a healthier lifestyle, our bone marrow stands as a beacon of well-being.

£5.50 1 Kg

Halal Beef Meatballs


Savor the taste of traditional cuisine with our Halal Beef Meatballs, expertly seasoned and crafted for the perfect blend of flavor and texture. Ideal for versatile, wholesome meals.

£11.00 1 Kg

Halal Beef OxTail


Are you in search of a delectable and unique protein source that aligns with your dietary preferences ? Look no further ! Our Halal Beef Oxtail is the perfect choice for those who crave delicious, high-quality meat while adhering to Halal standards.

£11.00 1 Kg

Halal Beef Shin On The Bone


Crafted from the finest Lincoln Red Beef, a breed known for its rich and exceptional flavour, this cut is a testament to both tradition and quality.

£7.00 1 Kg

Halal Brisket Joint


Savour the distinct, superior flavour of our Non-stunned, Organic, Grass-Fed Halal Brisket from My Meat Shop, meticulously packaged in vacuum-sealing to ensure freshness upon arrival. This premium quality brisket is derived from grass-fed cattle, which provides a richer flavour profile along with enhanced nutritional benefits like higher omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins.

£13.00 Per Kg (Whole - weight 4kg to 5Kg)
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Elevate your dining experience with My Meat Shop’s premium Halal beef meat, where tradition meets quality. Each bite promises not just a meal but a celebration of heritage and excellence. Our carefully sourced Halal beef transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary journeys. And with the assurance of delivery within 24 hours, unparalleled taste is never more than a day away. Choose excellence, choose tradition, choose our Halal beef meat for a dining experience that’s truly extraordinary. Your journey to culinary perfection awaits.

Explore Our Premium Halal Beef Selection

At My Meat Shop, we take pride in offering an exclusive selection of halal beef, sourced directly from our own farms in Ireland. Our commitment to quality and ethics starts from the ground up, ensuring that each cut meets the highest standards of care, from breeding to the halal slaughtering process.

Discover Our Range of Halal Beef Products

Our range of halal beef products is carefully selected to cater to every taste and need. From tenderloin to ribeye, each cut reflects our dedication to premium quality and the rich flavours that only ethically raised beef can provide.

What Makes Our Beef Halal Certified ?

Our halal certification process is rigorous and adheres strictly to Islamic principles. This ensures that our beef not only meets the spiritual requirements of our customers but also the highest standards of health and safety.

Why Choose Our Halal Beef Meat?

Choosing My Meat Shop’s halal beef means choosing a product that is ethically sourced and produced. Our integrated approach to farming and slaughtering allows us to maintain the utmost respect for our animals and the environment.

The Health Benefits of Choosing Halal

Halal beef from My Meat Shop is not just about ethical considerations; it’s also a healthier choice. Our beef is naturally raised and processed in a way that retains its nutrients, making it a wholesome addition to any diet.

Sustainability and Ethics in Our Halal Beef Production

Our farms in Ireland embrace responsible and ethical farming practices. We prioritize animal health and welfare, ensuring that our beef is produced in a way that is both sustainable and respectful of the earth.

Your Guide to Halal Beef Cuts

Understanding the different cuts of halal beef available is key to enjoying the full range of flavours and textures we offer.

Understanding Halal Beef Cuts: A Quick Overview

From the juiciness of a sirloin to the tenderness of a fillet, we guide you through the best cuts for your cooking needs, ensuring a perfect halal meal every time.

Best Cooking Methods for Each Halal Beef Cut

Learn the best ways to bring out the natural flavours of our halal beef, whether you’re grilling, roasting, or stewing.

Halal Beef Meat: From Farm to Table

Our journey from farm to table is guided by our commitment to excellence and ethical practices, ensuring that the halal beef you enjoy is of the highest quality.

Our Halal Certification Process Explained

We ensure that our halal beef is processed according to strict Islamic principles, from the welfare of our animals to the methods of slaughter.

Meet Our Farmers: The People Behind Our Halal Beef

Get to know the dedicated team that oversees the entire process, from the early stages of selection to the moment of halal slaughter. Our integrated vertical approach allows us to maintain control over every aspect of production, ensuring the utmost care and attention at every step.
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