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Halal Chateau Brilliand

Product is certified Halal by Your Halal Guarantee-YHG

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Discover unparalleled luxury with My Meat Shop’s Halal Chateaubriand, the quintessential centerpiece for any gathering that seeks to impress. Our commitment to providing a lavish dining experience extends to our halal clientele, ensuring that adherence to a halal diet does not mean compromising on indulgence or quality. Our chateaubriand, sourced exclusively halal-certified, guarantees a 100% farm-to-table halal traceability, ensuring purity and adherence to halal standards from butchering to your doorstep, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

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25 July - 26 July
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The Essence of Our Halal Chateaubriand

Our Halal Chateaubriand stands out as a symbol of culinary opulence, ideal for both grand roasts and succulent steaks. Crafted from the tenderloin, this exquisite cut is celebrated for its tender texture and rich, beefy essence, promising an unforgettable dining experience. We take pride in our diverse range of chateaubriand, sourced from top-tier halal beef producers known for their quality and ethical practices.

Featured Selections

  • USDA Choice Sirloin Halal Chateaubriand: A premium selection from Creekstone Farms, offering unparalleled tenderness and flavour, derived from the esteemed Black Angus breed.
  • Wexford Valley Halal Chateaubriand: Savour the delicate, melt-in-your-mouth quality of another exceptional choice, known for its tenderness and taste.
  • Exclusive Wagyu Halal Chateaubriand: For an extraordinary culinary experience, our Wagyu variant, with its remarkable fat marbling, delivers a richness and depth of flavour that is simply unmatched. Partnering with our Irish farmers, we bring you a specialty cut from the Shorthorn breed, combining traditional craftsmanship with culinary innovation.

Beyond Chateaubriand

At My Meat Shop, our halal range extends beyond chateaubriand to include an array of high-quality meats, from poultry to lamb, all adhering to our strict halal promise. We invite you to explore our full range, celebrating the best of halal meat with uncompromised traceability and purity.

Preparing and Serving Your Chateaubriand

For a delectable feast, season your chateaubriand with herbs and spices before searing it to perfection, followed by oven roasting to your preferred level of doneness. Whether you opt for a classic medium-rare or a more well-done finish, our chateaubriand is versatile enough to be transformed into steaks or a centerpiece roast, complemented ideally by a selection of sauces and sides.

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Halal Chateau Brilliand
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